Reader Advisory Cards for Teen Genres

As some of you avid readers may have noticed, all the Teen Fiction books are now located on the first floor... It is fabulous to have all the books together! There is way less confusion on where to find a book, for sure. :)

I wanted to make borrowing for certain types books easier for teens, so I have created genre groups to help! Let's say you really enjoyed Hunger Games and are looking for other books that are similar to it - grab the Dystopian & Science Fiction packet and browse through it to find other books you may like. You want to read something scary?? Grab the Horror packet and find books that are creepy and nightmare inducing!

There are packets on the following genres:

Dystopian & Science Fiction


Difficult Issues

Contemporary Books

Fractured Fairy Tales

Historical Fiction


Mystery & Thriller


You can find them on the bottom of the books displayed on the end of Teen Fiction. Since I only have space for three genres at a time, the will be switched out frequently!

If you have questions, please let me know!

- Shannon